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Bad Bunny!!!

Just when I thought I had enough to worry about with chipmunks, beetles, birds and groundhogs! This evening I looked out my picture window just in time to see a scruffy brown rabbit munching my asters! I ran outside in my slippers, waving my hands and yelling, "You're a bunny! You've got to get out of here!" and the animal just stared at me until I got close enough to spit on it (but I didn't). Then off it hopped into our neighbors' yard.

I had been noticing some kind of damage on the asters lately, but I hoped it was just my imagination. I do not want to have to contend with rabbits. A lot of the plants in our yard are supposedly rabbit-proof, like peonies and butterfly bush. I hear they like roses, and poppies. I hope this is not a resident rabbit. This is only the second time I've seen it in two months....

Sometimes it really sucks to be a gardener, doesn't it?