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Garden Update.

I uploaded some new pictures to my flickr photostream this morning. They're just extra shots of flowers I already posted, so I'm not going to bother linking them here.

"Moonstone" continues to awe me. After three days, the flower has begun to fade from half-pink to mostly white, but it's still very attractive. I love the way it smells compared to the other peonies, even "Duchesse de Nemours," which is generally revered for its fragrance. Rather than smelling like cinnamon or roses, "Moonstone" smells like ripe melon. Very, very nice.

We've reached a lull in the blooming for now--bad planning. I think that the next thing to bloom will be our butterfly bush "Pink Delight." Those breadseed poppies I planted over a month ago are still showing no signs of flowering. They're so susceptible to the sun that I have to keep an umbrella over them most of the time. "Lauren's Grape" has suffered some damage, but "Imperial Pink" looks great. They had better flower soon! They're annuals, for crying out loud!

Critters have eaten almost all my tall sunflowers, and half my "Snowpuff" cosmos. =_= They haven't touched the "Solar Flash" sunflowers or the "Rose Bonbon" cosmos. Strangely enough, every single "Heavenly Blue" morning glory seed we planted has come up; barring any unforseen disasters, we're going to have quite a display this fall. We've done these seeds before, but I wasn't expecting them to do this well this year. Cripes!

All my vegetable plants have flowers on them. "Fairy Tale" eggplants are looking raggedly, but they should produce.