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Feeling a Little Better?

Louis van Houtte, Take Two. by Leenechan
Louis van Houtte, Take Two., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Louis van Houtte has been looking a bit ragged this year. The flowers have actually started to plump up a bit after a few days--there's hope for him yet! It's easy to overlook a commonplace red peony like this one, but Louis was the first peony we ever planted. We ought to hold him in some sort of regard!

The only peony that hasn't opened yet is Moonstone. This is Moonstone's first year, so I'm very excited! The flowerbuds are huge right now, with iridescent pink petals peeking out. I hope they pop soon!

Out of the rest of our flowers, the only other one that might bloom soon is our Japanese Iris "Great White Heron." This is the first year for that one, too.

Our mountain laurel "Nathan Hale" might bloom soon too...