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Pokey pokey pokey...

That's the sound of me poking toothpicks spaced 1/4 inch apart in circles in the soil around my recently sprouted cosmos seedlings. XD

Believe it or not, it really does seem to help keep the birds from tearing them out!

Most if not all of my Cosmos Double Click Rose Bonbon seeds have sprouted. Two Solar Flash Sunflower seeds have popped. Everything else is carrying on as usual. Weird Poppies are growing taller by the day. I'll probably thin them out next week.

How about that? I never tried sowing or growing poppies in my west-facing side garden until this year. This spring in addition to the free Weird Poppies a.k.a Fringed Poppies "Pink Confection" that I direct-sowed, the three Oriental Poppies "Princess Victoria Louise," two "Lauren's Grape" and two "Imperial Pink" breadseed poppies are doing well! If I don't get a bloom out of any of them I'm going to spit nails. At this point they at least look like they're thriving...Why didn't I just throw those Shirley Poppy seeds on the ground rather than rigging up a homemade incubator for them indoors? Every single one of those seedlings died...

I don't know which peony is going to bloom next. Coral Supreme is usually second, but it looks like Cheddar Charm might beat it to the draw. Cheddar Charm is new, and only has one precious flowerbud. I'm very excited to see how it turns out! I always wanted a white version of Bowl of Beauty.

And then there's Moonstone. Moonstone was the the one I really pined for last year. Cricket Hill gave us a nice big specimen last fall, and now it's going to give us several flowers for its first spring. XD

Tomatoes are doing well...eggplants looking peaky. I don't think they liked the two-week-long rainstorm much!