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The hiatus continues...

I'm continuing faithfully with my 'til June 1st video game ban. The problem with banning myself from video games is that I end up losing interest in them in general. Since I only play console games and have a ton of backlogged games, that's a lot of wasted money, I suppose!

In addition to doing lots and lots of gardening and walking around in the rain and looking at my yard, I also finished another rooting project this weekend. So soon! I really pushed myself to finish this girl in record time. I think I might have turned myself off rooting forever! It was the first time in a long time that I got a chance to use a hair color I've never tried before. I rerooted my second release Ex Cute Family Mia with Snow White hair, and gave her a braid boil perm. She's basically a palette-swapped version of the standard release with a side-part instead of center-part, and hopefully much thicker hair!

Even though I think she'll look cute once she's unbraided, I can't help but think she wasn't the best doll to reroot with white hair. The Snow White hair looks very pretty with her green eyes, but unfortunately Azone saw fit to paint her scalp dark brown. Even though she came with light brown hair! Kristen did remove most of her scalp paint with acetone for me, but there's still some paint in the holes where her original part used to be. In certain lights, you can see a hint of it through her hair. I tried to give her thicker hair than usual to make up for it...but it's still a little bit visible. Oh well.

I don't know if after a while Kristen is going to want to reroot her Mia as well. She got one for herself because she thought her default look was cute...but you know what? None of these girls last too long with their original hair! XD If she does decide to scalp her Mia, I'm going to push her to reroot her with Noir saran. If I hadn't been hell-bent on giving mine white hair, I would have gone with black.