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Oh, and one more thing...

Actually, I had wanted to write more in the last post, but it was getting kind of long. Also, this has nothing to do with the contents of the previous entry.

I finished Atelier Marie, Elie and Anis for the GBA last night. It may have been a handheld game and a huge technical downgrade from the previous installments, but it was still pretty good!

Obviously, the game never made it over to the States. I don't know how much appeal it would have to someone who hasn't played Marie and Elie. It takes place directly after Elie and features characters from both games, as well as a new alchemist named Anis that you can swap in for either Marie or Elie if you're helping her work on her book. Anis is a terrible alchemist and pretty much a waste of space. I had a pretty good time ignoring her, and wrote most of my books for Ingrid. XD

There were good character events for Daglass and Hallesch--not so many for Eisel and Nordis, probably because they got enough attention in Elie. The game is generous with the still pictures, but they're unfortunately very ugly. Like the anime artwork in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. You get used to it after a while. At least they feature a variety of characters in a variety of situations, and aren't just bromides of pre-adolescent girls groping each other. =_= The graphics and music are not very good, but there are several new towns to travel to and a lot of extra content. You can force Marie to stay home and work in the atelier, while Elie goes on a three month long journey to Daglass's homeland and meet his sister (who encourages Elie to please Do her brother)! The game keeps switching perspective from one character to another from day to day when they're separated. It gets a little mind boggling after awhile but it's fun.

I actually got a decent ending considering that I pissed off Hermina the first time by not finishing her book in time. I played with a printed-out FAQ in my lap. That's really the only way to play an Atelier game.

At this point, I probably would rank the series in my opinion from greatest to least: Lilie=Viorate> Elie> Marie, Elie and Anis> Marie> Totori>>>>>>impenetrable wall>>>Rorona>Annie>Judie. I'm not sure where Hermina and Culus would fit into this, because it's not the same kind of game. And Judie doesn't suck most of all because of the fan service...it just plain sucks.