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The Full Lilac. by Leenechan
The Full Lilac., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

I didn't have much to do with it. This hedge is at least 30 years older than I am. XD

The fragrance of these flowers made me so sick last night. I really admire their beauty, though. Unfortunately, even if it weren't for allergies and cat I wouldn't be able to bring any of them into the house and put them in a vase. Unless you pound the ends of the branches they shrivel up in a matter of hours. Even if you do pound them, they still do that...

That black and white lump in the lower left corner is one of my neighbors' evil little bastard dogs. He didn't see me this time around, but if he did, he would have barked and growled and rushed at me, only to be stopped by their wonderfully humane Invisible Fence.