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Candy Pink Tulips.

"We're naturalizing!" by Leenechan
"We're naturalizing!", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

I think they're actually called "China Pink."

Our spring garden is somewhat of a wasteland, but the tulips that survived the scourge of nature are quite lovely! XD I hope to plant more of these lily-flowered tulips in the fall. They seem to naturalize better than the Dutch variety...

We picked up two new additions to our garden this weekend, Japanese Iris "Gusto" and Butterfly Bush "Ellen's Blue." As far as butterfly bushes go, we had been looking out for either Honeycomb or White Ball, but no dice. =_= I hear that "Ellen's Blue" is very close to true blue. It's also pretty rare as far as butterfly bushes go, so I was surprised to find such a huge specimen at our local nursery. They don't call us the Bedding Plant Capital of CT for nothing! XD