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Another "Recycled" Dollie.

That's the term Azone uses to refer to previously released dolls that they release again with different hair.

Unfortunately, flickr is down AGAIN, so I have to post this picture directly in all its hugeness. Sorry!

She used to be Volks Showroom Angel Rei. She originally had pink curly hair, which lost its curl over the years and became a tangled mess. So Kristen rerooted her for me with Restoredoll saran in Plum Crazy. Ain't she cute? :D She now looks more like Hazuka, the original doll Volks released with the Kaname Byakko-designed head.

I did cut and style her hair myself. I had wanted to give her curly hair, but she has such a chubby face that in the end I thought it wouldn't suit her. She actually has princess-cut side pieces and longer hair in the back. I renamed her "Klaudia." There's a reason behind her name but it's not interesting enough to share.


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Apr. 16th, 2011 12:12 am (UTC)
Wow, I almost didn't recognize the head with the purple hair! Rei/Hazuka are my favourite 27cm Volks girls, and she looks lovely with the plummy hair.
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