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Another stew-type thingie...

I don't know how it looks to most people, but I love this dish a lot. It's not much like the Country Captain Chicken I was brought up with, though. That was just two cans of stewed tomatoes with some curry powder and celery thrown in, poured over boneless chicken breasts, and sprinkled with currants. I think its origin was from the Joy of Cooking...though I'd be surprised if my mother consulted the recipe more than once every five years. It was nasty.

This dish, however, is really, really good and full of spicy and fruity flavors. XD The recipe doesn't call for you to take the bone-in chicken thighs out, shred the meat and add it back to the dish. I do that all the time because it keeps people happy. No one likes to wrestle with bones in the middle of a stew!