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Buckets of rain.

That's what we've been getting lately. Yesterday morning I saw a robin taking a bath in a puddle of rainwater under one of the gutters on our garage. We only started seeing a lot of robins in our yard since we had our roof redone. Up until then our roof was pretty much a starling hotel, and those birds are very territorial. Now our yard is officially robin turf. XD I don't know if I only think so because I'm not used to seeing them around, but the robins around here are really fat!

We've been having a lot of freaky bird action lately. Even at night I hear them peeping in the bushes. A few weekends ago, my parents said they saw two red-tailed hawks mating in the trees when they were out doing yard work. In broad daylight, no less! ^o^;...

I find the call of the mourning dove to be especially soothing. I know that they're just pigeons, but I've always liked those birds.

I'm finishing up a rooting project I've been working on for a long time. I've rerooted my little Volks Nakoruru with Ash Blond/HiHo Silver mesh. That doll has a cute face, but her hair was terrible quality. Rerooting a black-haired doll with blond hair is kind of nerve-wracking. I usually always prefer the brunette dolls, after all! I hope she turns out all right. I think she'll turn out all right. I'm not sure what kind of hairstyle I'll give her yet...

On the gaming front, I'm continuing with my obsession with old Atelier games by playing Atelier Marie, Elie and Anis for the GBA. The game is pretty much shovelware based off Atelier Elie, but it's proved to me that I can handle a sound and graphical downgrade from the disk games if I like the characters and scenario. The game is much better than Atelier Annie. It did, however, reveal something to me about a certain character in Atelier Lilie that I've apparently been too thick to catch onto, even though I've played through the game three times already.

The bald-headed weapon shop oyaji from the first two games is Gerhard. The one who begged both Marie and Elie to make him a potion to grow back his hair? Am I the only Atelier fan who never realized this? Oh, it all makes sense now. The goofy looks and personality, the vanity about his long, black hair, the off-key singing. The two earrings. And by the middle of Atelier Lilie he does run a weapon shop. So why didn't I get it? I can't say that I'm devastated by this realization, but I am very sad. Gerhard might not have been handsome, but he was a great fighter, had nice hair and a nice body and was a very nice guy. It sucks that he ended up bald in his middle age. If I were Lilie, considering what a help he was I'd dedicate my entire life to restoring the poor man's hair. Either that or tell him to embrace his baldness like Captain Picard and get rid of the Super Mario Bros. mustache. XD

Gerhard...are we to be forever joined by the bonds of pity?

I really wonder if I'm the only player who didn't get this right away. O_o

Oh well. Considering how Hermina turned out, this doesn't really surprise me.