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Not much of anything happened today. Most of my current auctions have ended, but I don't have too many packages to send out tomorrow. It's nice to get a money order once in a while--it means no Paypal tax! But I understand the need to tax people who accept credit card payments. Businesses have to pay taxes for that too, right?

My grandmother's sister died. It's too bad...I only met her once before, but I could tell she was a nice person. Grandma's already lost another sister and a younger brother. I know that once you're in your eighties, you have to expect this kind of thing, but....I don't think anyone ever accepts it. I hope that when I die there will be people who knew me who'll do more than just shrug and say "That's too bad." I know that my grandmother's sister had children, but still...I feel callous when I think that up until a few years ago, I didn't even know she existed. =_=....As long as I can remember, people have been dying suddenly left and right.

I wonder if Frank is really going to be able to order those Dolpa 9 dolls? 6_6 I like Ria a lot, but I wouldn't ask for her. It's not a good time. ^_^;....

Have to do some grocery shopping tomorrow. We're out of food, and the only tea we have is Red Rose decaf! ::screams::