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Let it rain.

I'm hoping that today's torrential rains will melt most of our snowpack. Then I can find out once and for all if my rosemary survived the winter!

I had really wanted to plant my poppies this weekend. So far it looks like a no-go. Yesterday we had some problems with our furnace again, and I spent most of the day stressing out/waiting for the repairman. This time our boiler was leaking water from its pressure relief valve, which resulted in corroded pipes that needed to be replaced along with the valve. Oh well. At least it wasn't once of those explosive soot and black smoke related disasters. The boiler was still working the whole time, but I was worried about water damage and wanted it taken care of immediately. That probably was a good thing. If we had waited a few weeks longer, we might have had to replace the whole damn boiler. That's $5,000 for you!

I keep telling myself that while it's annoying to have to take care of snow removal, heating, plumbing and electrical problems yourself, if you have to leave it to a landlord or building committee they usually don't take care of it until it's too late. At least, that's what I tell myself in order to make myself feel better. XD

I've been playing the Future Arc for about 10 hours, but most of it has been running around doing the inn requests and messing around Dualizing weapons that are weaker than the ones my characters have equipped. XD I'm still using Richard. For a while I was worried I wouldn't be able to continue with him, because he takes so long to cast spells that he usually gets beaten to death before he finishes. Then I decided to take a lesson from Charlie Sheen and pretend that I had tiger's blood running through my veins. Rather than constantly running around and trying to find a safe spot for spell-casting, I decided to screw the B-type waza, chase them enemies around, and give them a solid thrashing with my sword. Considering that Richard's spells usually take off 2,000, 2,000, 5,000 and if you get him warmed up with A-type waza it's more like 3,000, 5,000, 10,000, 10,000....if you want to use Richard in the Future Arc, screw his magic attacks! Screw them, I say, unless you're in Accel Mode, which cuts his spell casting time in half. Richard has the highest attack in the game. I'm seriously considering booting Asbel out of my party except for boss fights.

The Future Arc, like the main story, is a combination of good and bad. There are some cute character moments that never made it into the main story (like the scene between Richard and Sophie in the storeroom, that seemed suggestive at first but ended up being really sweet).

Unfortunately, Asbel is twice as emo in the Future Arc. Emo and useless. I'm getting the impression that in the world of ToGf, if you have a problem you can count on Richard, Pascal and even Hubert to say something vaguely comforting and helpful. Asbel, Cheria and Malik are all screwed up, give terrible advice, and make people's problems ten times worse.

So Sophie's become aware of the fact that her friends are mortal and she's not. She asks Asbel, "Are you going to die?"

And he tells her it's inevitable.

"When?" she asks.

Then Asbel launches into this long, wanky speech about how if he's lucky he might live for twenty or thirty more years, provided that he doesn't get sick or die in some horrible accident. Which could totally happen. As a result, Sophie falls into despair and runs away.

When they finally reunite, Cheria does her typical coddle/make-out session, while Asbel stands in a corner and wanks some more. All the girls leave your party, because Sophie is just so darn upset about the fact that she's going to live and everyone else is going to die that she can't travel any more.

At some point Richard notices Asbel wanking and gives him some canned line about helping Sophie to enjoy her time with her friends, so she can treasure the memories. Which is pretty reasonable advice, even if it is trite. Unfortunately, it's not good enough for Asbel. What if he dies tomorrow? What will happen to his friendship with Sophie when he dies? Will it just disappear? It could all end tomorrow!

In the end, Asbel tries to make it up to Sophie for the fact that he might get hit by a bus/contract AIDs/get killed in a drive-by shooting and no longer be able to protect her by taking her on as an adoptive daughter. "You're Sophie Lhant now," he growls at her.

If you go back to Lhant for a subevent, you see Asbel wanking about how hard his job is and telling Sophie that even if she lives forever she shouldn't plant any more flower gardens, she should just take care of the ones she has.

I wonder if this is supposed to be his coded message to her that he doesn't want her making any more friends? XD After all, even though anyone would say that all the characters in the game would do better to branch out and forge ties with more people, Asbel is not happy to hear that Hubert and Richard are good friends, and that Sophie and Richard are forming a stronger bond that might or might not exclude him.

Malik also needs to keep his mouth shut about Hubert's potential arranged marriage to the President of Strata's daughter. I don't know if he's just trying to play devil's advocate and get Hubert to confess to Pascal (as if any character in this game is capable of duality) or he's just being a prick. Either way, he's being annoying.

At the same time, if Hubert's excuse for not coming clean about his feelings for Pascal is that no one would believe that he could fall for someone like her...not nice.

At least Hubert does try to be a kinder person, though...unlike his older brother, who thinks the answer to any difficulty is to jerk it in a corner until someone tries to snap him out of it, then grandstand and bark orders at people.

I supposed that Bamco thinks that if Asbel nails Cheria in the end, that makes him an honorary Winner. In the grand scheme of the game he seems like he isn't capable of anything but wanking and saying weird, twisted things to people when they're in trouble. When is Lambda going to explode this guy?