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The New Chocolate Strawberry.

My First Layer Cake.
Originally uploaded by Leenechan
Kristen and I made this cake for our father's birthday. It was our first attempt at doing a layer cake, and I'm so pleased it doesn't look like a lopsided monster! We used Cook's Illustrated's Old Fashioned Chocolate Layer Cake recipe for the cake. The frosting in the middle is chocolate buttercream. On the outside it's strawberry buttercream.

I stuck those toothpicks in the cake to keep the plastic wrap cover from damaging the frosting. I guess I should have removed them from the picture, but I was too lazy.

I made the frosting and iced the cake all by myself. It was my first time, but I don't think I performed too badly! The only complaint I received was that I should have used more strawberry buttercream...next time. This cake tastes a lot better than the Marjolaine Chocolate Strawberry I had for my birthday.