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A' Gardening We Will Go...

I just got the newest Burpee catalog in the mail, and I had to rush and order this year's vegetable plants. So I ordered six Fairy Tale Eggplant plants, six Patio Beefsteak Tomatoes and three Tumbling Tom Yellow Hybrid Cherry Tomatoes. I wish I could grow some of the interdeterminate-type heirloom tomatoes, but if I tried to grow vegetables as anything other than an elevated patio plant I would be providing a free salad bar for the groundhogs. =_=

I also ordered a packet of Solar Flash sunflower seeds. I know I said I wouldn't be growing sunflowers this year. I just couldn't stop myself--God help me! I love sunflowers.

I've never grown eggplant before. I hear they do well in tubs and containers. My maternal grandfather always grew eggplants in his city garden. The neighborhood kids were always sneaking in and stealing them, the little bastards. Fairy Tale Eggplants are tiny, so they'd be ideal for stir-fries. I don't like eggplant parmesan much, anyway--if you fry the eggplant instead of baking it the dish has like 90 grams of fat. :O