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Or maybe not.

I guess I haven't posted in a while. It's been a whole three days! I don't really count picture posts as legitimate entries, so it really does feel like a long time. I wanted to post earlier this weekend, but it was so windy that all the windows on the east side of our house kept rattling like they were going to shatter. Miraculously we didn't lose power, unless I count the short blackout we suffered when I was in the freaking shower. We rely on an electric pump well for our water, so that really sucked.

On the bright side, if anyone dumps poison in the local reservoir, our water would still be safe to drink. Also, water main breaks don't affect us.

On the dark side, if we lose electricity we can't even flush our freaking toilets.

Lucas has been doing fine lately. I haven't posted about him because eventually everyone gets tired of hearing about the wacky adventures of somebody else's cat. We finally got him to jump in the cat stroller of his own accord. He enjoys it when I push him around inside the house, but I don't think it's good for my arms! That thing's about as big as a supermarket shopping cart. I wonder if I was wrong to choose the largest stroller I could find? Lucas is a big boy, but I could fit three of him in there!

On the book front, I've been reading Lilith's Brood by Octavia E. Butler. I got the recommendation somewhere as an example of a fantasy/sci-fi book written in "transparent" a.k.a "non-purple" prose. I'm about halfway through the second book in the anthology. I'll post my detailed opinions when I'm done with all three books. All I can say right now is that it's a fascinating book and very brutal, kind of like Saramago's Blindness except with tentacle monsters. And the prose is not purple, thank God. Anyone who's been following my blog for a while must know how much I hate purple prose! XD

I'm still not done with Chapter Five...but I'm getting there. My right hand is permanently stained with ink from my Space Pen, which I've decided I prefer to the Parker Jotter. I've been faithful to my doll-rooting ban. When I finally finish writing I'm going to bushwhack my Blue Bird's Song III Miu. Weep not for her! I have a very interesting hair color picked out for her that I've never used before.

I've been through a lot with this game since I last posted. I just fought Richard for the second time and have temporarily lost Sophie as a playable character. Yet still she stumbles around alongside the party, partially blind and glowing weirdly. Which makes her better than most of the RPG heroines I've encountered throughout my gaming career. No one tries to kidnap her, and she always manages to stay on her feet.

I can't believe how freaking hard Kurtz was to beat! I ended up having to lower the difficulty to Simple in order to take him out. I didn't have to do that with Richard.

Kurtz was a somewhat interesting character who was ruined by a terrible voice actor. I don't remember the voice actor's name, but he played Wufei in Gundam Wing...and not much else. I hear he's a somewhat prolific author now--good for him. He is one of the worst Japanese voice actors I've ever encountered, other than the lady who played Haruhara Haruko.
He sounded like an aging drag queen. There's just something about those weird, high-pitched male voices that really bug me ..I remember that when I first heard Wufei, I thought that he sounded kind of like Nakao Ryusei. Except that Nakao-sensei is actually a good actor. Kurtz had no expression in his voice whatsoever. XD

I've taken a break for a few days because of the weather. According to the FAQ I've been following, I have quite a few sidequests coming up, mostly involving Hubert. I have to tread carefully in order not to miss them. Richard is my favorite character, but I think that Hubert is adorable. The back of his coat reminds me of a peacock's tail. XD

I've made my peace with all the characters except for Asbel. I still think he sucks. Cheria's voice is off-putting, but I'll deal with it.

I love Asbel's reaction to Pascal suggesting that Sophie might not be human--after all they've seen of her abilities! He raises his arm at Pascal like he's going to hit her. Then he announces to the party that he's going to go to X-Dungeon to save Sophie, even though the whole party had been working as a team. Hubert calmly reminds him that they're all in the situation together--I guess he had been spending some time on the phone with his therapist getting advice with how to deal with his macho dick of a brother.

I know that he doesn't, but I think I'd love it if Asbel died. He really doesn't change much from the time he was a kid, except he now dresses like an Elvis impersonator.