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Ahh....that reminds me, I had a weird dream a few nights ago. I was living in some kind of high-tech utopian society that had been created by a group of megalomaniacs who wanted to brainwash everyone into worshipping them as gods (Hmmm..too much TOD 2?) I was secretly trying to bring down the establishment with a group of my friends, but eventually they were seduced to the side of evil with promises of material possessions. On the surface, I looked like an average person, but I had some kind of secret power that allowed me to change into a magical girl or.....something. -_- Anyway, my friends and I were "invited" to one of the government's dinner parties. We were supposed to spend the night there, and each of us were assigned to our own suites. My friends' rooms looked like something out of a love hotel, but mine was a 4x4 wooden crate. I complained to the hosts about this, but they just laughed and said "We know what you're up to!" They had discovered my secret identity! I could have gone over to their side, but I stuck to my guns and spent the night in the crate. All I could do was stand there as people crowded around and threw stuff at me. For some reason, that kid from Malcolm in the Middle and Britney Spears were leading the mob. They really had it out for me!

Anyway, that was my dream. ::bows:: I thought it was pretty funny, but I guess you had to be there.