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Lemon Cookies.

I have a stomachache from eating three of Kristen's glazed lemon cookies in a row. I usually don't eat sweets in great quantities, but they were good and I didn't want them to go to waste! Cookies with frosting are neat. ^_^

I decided to take a "reading week" off from studying Japanese. I think it will do me some good. I was starting to feel pretty burnt out! I need some time to recharge. I think that forcing myself to study in my free time has made me a tad touchy. Really ^_^;..Monday, I'll be back on the wagon!

I advanced a little further in Tales of Destiny 2. I just finished the part where you have to push five hot pink dogs into ditches, beat the crap out of them and use their teeth (?) as fuel to burn down poisonous grass. Chasing them around was a pain! To alleviate the tedium, I switched Nanaly out for Loni. Neither of them are much good, ho ho ho! ^o^

None of the auctions I listed went for very high, but I'm glad the stuff sold. I'm losing a bit of money, but it's not like I haven't had auctions that closed at four times what I paid for the item. =_= If I were having a garage sale, I would have to mark stuff down, right? =_=

We had some nice rain today.