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Too Good To Be True?

They say our weather pattern is going to change over the next week. That means no more back-to-back snowstorms and warmer temperatures to induce melting! Most of the snow on our roof has melted already, but every day there are more reports of roofs collapsing under the weight. Every day I walk around the house and survey the outside for any sign of imminent failure. We look like we're in pretty good shape, probably because we have a steep pitch and our roof is only a few years old. Also, we have no insulation in our attic, so all the heat in our house has been escaping through our roof and melting the snow. :O Just the same, all these reports of roofs collapsing in town have rattled me. I can't wait until this crap is over for good.

I still haven't finished writing Chapter Five. Snow removal has been my top priority lately.

I've still been managing to play ToGf for about an hour and a half every night. That shows where my priorities really are.

I saw the infamous "Narm" caliber scene with Richard in the Strata desert last night. He's supposed to be struggling for control of his soul, but bad acting+bad directing produced some hilarious results. Apparently they re-recorded it for the PS3 version, and it now sounds even worse. I'm sure that everyone who's seen it has their own interpretation of it. To me Richard sounded like my cat coughing up an epic hairball. Alone in the desert and choking on an apple gummi, Richard desperately attempts to administer the Heimlich Maneuver on himself! XD Tell me this scene was supposed to be played for laughs. Please tell me Bamco intended this scene to be played for laughs!

I really do like Richard too, so it was hard for me to watch this scene without feeling somewhat responsible.

I just got Hubert in my party. Asbel does seem desperate to bone his own brother right now. Hubert turned out awfully cute considering how clumsy he was as a kid, but his eyebrows are a little too well-groomed for my tastes. I haven't put the school uniform on him yet. I haven't yet decided if I want to try controlling him. I've actually had the best results in battle using Sophie, for some reason. When I use her the battles end a lot faster, and people die less. Controlling her is a little harrowing in boss fights, though, because she's so small that I lose sight of her amid all those flashing lights and screams. We'll see if she ends up being my preferred character. After all, when I played Tales of Rebirth I controlled Mao for most of the game and never lost a single fight.

ToGf is shaping up to be one of my favorite Tales games.