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Okay, I promised myself that as a form of social protest against the high cost of downloadable content I would NOT spend Japanese Playstation Network points on extra costumes for my characters in ToGf. I did, after all, get the preorder bonus Kyle, Rutee and Judas costumes. But somehow the bug still bit me. I had to re-outfit all my characters, even Richard (because he comes back in the Future Arc, after all). I had originally just wanted to download the school uniform for Hubert. But then I couldn't resist Sophie's cute side-ponytail school uniform, and I thought that if I changed Cheria's and Pascal's clothes I might like them better. After all, if you aren't 100 percent happy with a doll that you can't sell, wouldn't you try changing their clothes?

So I got Hubert's school uniform, Sophie's school uniform, Richard's school uniform (and I put it on him before he left my party in the main story, so he's going to be wearing it during all those freaky events), the devil-girl costume for Cheria (looks really silly and kind of offensive with that fake-plastic-looking boob plate), the Lion Magnus costume for Asbel (complete with dangly earrings, he now looks like an idiot), the Idolmaster Costume for Pascal (looks like a 1980s' era prom dress) and...Malik's swimsuit set. Okay, that one was cheap. I have him in the alternative dress costume for now. I'm not whipping out the speedo until the right moment!

I'm not going to get Hubert for a little while, so I won't be able to see him as the Harried Student Body President just yet. Bamco has a lot of balls charging 400 yen for each costume. You also can pay for extra levels and gald. I can't see myself being that stupid.

I don't have much else to report with the game. I've just reached Strata by boat and am currently level grinding in the desert. I also used my Dualize ability to make Scotch Eggs for the first time. ::barfs::

To be fair, I didn't use all my current PSN points for costumes. I also downloaded Shin Megami Tensei II, Circadia and the extra characters for Atelier Totori...