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The Prince of the Underground.

I did some epic snow shoveling today, tunneling a minivan out of a five-foot snowdrift. After hearing horror stories of buildings in CT having their roofs collapse under the weight of all that snow, I'm getting very nervous. Our roof is pretty sloped, but the garage has so much snow piled on top of it that the roof looks like a cross-section of a cheesecake.

I died temporarily tonight, but I think I can pull myself together and do some more clean-up tomorrow. Sometimes I amaze myself by how much physical punishment I can take, ha ha!

I saw our neighbor walking his dog (the one that does that horrific howl at night) while I was digging out our cars. I had stayed out to shovel when he did the sidewalk yesterday, but at least he knows that we aren't just waiting around for him to clean up for us.

His wife had said his dog was a Siberian Husky that they got from a rescue. I don't know, though...the dog's not that big and has dark brown eyes and a curly tail. Maybe the rescue used "husky" as a blanket term for spitz-type dogs? He looks like a Samoyed to me. I'm usually pretty bad with dogs. This one was friendly, though, and reared up on me to lick my nose. How sweet! I like dogs when they're good dogs...not like those awful Havanese that my neighbors on the other side keep. I tend to prefer the bigger dogs, but I definitely don't have the lifestyle for them.