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Attack of the Seven Foot Snowdrifts!

Please no more goddamn snow.

I don't know how much we got today, but the snowdrifts on either side of our driveway are seven feet high. This is surreal. I'm surprised that the whole state hasn't been declared a disaster area. The shovels are pretty much useless against this much snow. Human beings are pretty much useless against this much snow. Nevertheless, we had to try to dig out of it. Even if the snow plows plow your sidewalk into a seven foot high ridge of ice boulders, if you don't clear that off in 24 hours there's a $100 fine for you!

I was out there for a while before my nice neighbor showed up to help with the sidewalk. I hate having to be bailed out of almost every snowstorm, but it was either that or die. It's not like we could run to the store and buy a snowblower at the last minute. They're all sold out. According to my neighbor, shovels are also all sold out.

And they say we're in for more snow early next week.

On the plus side, my neighbor referred to me as a "little girl" while talking to his wife on the sidewalk. I didn't tell him how old I really was after that. He probably would've thought I was some kind of degenerate.