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Project Completed!

Meet Linda!
Originally uploaded by Leenechan
Here's Linda, my rerooted Heartful Kiss Maya.

She didn't take me nearly as long to reroot as Alma. The head Azone used for the new Sahra and Maya isn't as large as the head they use for the Ex Cute girls.

I had originally styled her with straight-across bangs, but something didn't work out right. She has such a small face, I think that straight bangs and curly hair would overwhelm her. Her hairstyle is similar to Alma's, but parted on the opposite side. The Azure Blue/Sky Blue mesh is shimmery. XD

I named her Linda because my first idea was to cut her hair short like the titular character's hair in the PSX game Lindacube...but then I changed my mind. I'm always a coward when it comes to cutting my dolls' hair short.

I'm going to take a hiatus until I finish writing Chapter Five (for real this time). My next project will be to reroot Kristen's Romantic Girly III Chiika with a topknot like Nao's, in Limited Blonde. That doll's hair really is a disaster, and since I rerooted a topknot I am master of the topknot!