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Don't stop believin'...

I always have a hard time keeping my head screwed on straight during the weekend. My allergies have been acting up, probably because of the constant threat of snow. I know I'm in trouble when my nose dries up and I lose my ability to sneeze. That means my sinuses are completely stopped up. Then it's infection time! :D

Luckily, it hasn't gotten that far yet. Still, maxillary sinus pressure + burning, stuffed-up nose + huge zit on side of nose from too much nose-blowing has made me a very unhappy girl.

So I attempted to distract myself by doing another playthrough of elan plus. The game is only about six hours long, so it wasn't much of a deal.

I played as Girl Nao again and decided to bag both Yoh and Tomoe as my partners. In order to get their Best Ending and special pictures you have to view all 6 of their events. If I had done better on the first two tests, I might have even been able to pick a third character, probably Amane.

Even though Yoh is a popular, Ishida-voiced pretty-boy character, I didn't really enjoy getting close to him. Basically all you get are a few pictures of him looking surprised and some of him looking angry. He's a typical Nanpa Otoko who uses his flirtatiousness to hide the fact that he has a wangsty past and doesn't like to have deep relationships with people. He's also the only character who's openly bisexual. I think he's more into Guy Nao than Girl Nao, so maybe I picked the wrong gender this time! I guess that some players might find this a turn-on, but he seems to me to be the kind of person who would cheat. Even after you uncover the truth about his past (he was a testtube "superbaby" who was returned to the orphanage by his adoptive parents because he wasn't super enough") his personality doesn't change at all. Some of the characters with more difficult personalities are like nuts that you have to crack, and when you finally get them to talk about themselves you can feel a sense of accomplishment. Yoh, however, is supposed to be everyone's idol. If you decide to form a friendship with him you're basically agreeing to go on a date with the guy who hits on you in a bar, even if you know he's running around with five other girls and six guys at the same time. Somehow you're supposed to believe that he only really cares about you, all because you saw him get angry once and punch a wall. XD He probably has an STD, anyway!

I felt a little better about Tomoe, even though I didn't like her much in the first playthrough. I guess that hating a character for being shy and down on herself would be kind of like hating myself. :O Her Best Ending pictures were kind of boring though. I guess that since Tomoe doesn't have much boing, the artist didn't see the point in exposing her for the sake of the two guys who played this game.

I still have some characters left to tackle, but I'll probably take a lengthy break. I am very annoyed by how hard it is to trigger all the Sarai events. I managed to make him pop up once in this playthrough, but it wasn't enough. I want to play with the android boy, dammit!

Speaking of anime stereotypes like the Nanpa Otoko, there are a few that come to mind that always get on my nerves. Some of the worst offenders in my opinion are:

1.) The Psychotic Lolita

2.)The Revenger (often related to the Best Friend Who Goes Bad. Jowy, Delita, I'm looking at you, bitches!)

3.)The Cold Girl Who Loves Cute Things. (Tear in ToA comes to mind but I'm sure there are others.)

4.)The Popular Girl Who's a Bitch to Only The Main Character. (Yukari in Persona 3 and Akane Tendou in Ranma 1/2 come to mind.)

5.)The Guy Who Never Opens His Eyes.

6.)The Character Who's A Bitch (or Bastard) To Everyone But The Main Character (or their special person).

7.)The Hard-Headed Hero Who's Obsessed With Being a Hero (or at least very strong). Usually goes hand in hand with having blood-type B.

8.)The Perfect Soldier (there are too many of these to count)

9.)The Denpa Heroine With Mystical Powers.

10.)The Angsty Love-Rival. (Kain in FFIV, etc...)

There are, however, a few stereotypes I find myself attracted to in spite of myself. XD Here's a short list of my favorite stereotypes:

1.) The Jerk With a Heart of Gold (I call this the "Hyuga-kun" type. Characters like Albel in SO3, Elazul in Legend of Mana, Aragaki in Persona 3, and so on...Usually if you have a jerk with blood-type O, they fall into this camp.)

2.) The Harried Older Brother (I call this "Katsuya type." Klarth in ToP, and Wakashimazu from the junior high part of Captain Tsubasa fall into this category. They might not be cool (except for Wakashimazu) but I always feel sorry for them).


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Jan. 16th, 2011 11:16 pm (UTC)
Other more tolerable stereotypes would be:

The Straight Man(ie. Nanjo from Persona)
The Buddy Character who has issues other than being jealous of the main character

Character types I hate are:

1. The Nice Guy who in actuality is passive-aggressive/creepy. Usually blood-type AB.
2. The loli that everybody thinks is so darn cute. Is usually around 12 years old and has an impossibly squeaky voice, even though no real 12-year-old talks/acts like that.
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