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One more shot of Nao...

Silver-haired dolls are so hard to photograph! I wanted to post another picture of Nao with her sidepieces over her shoulders. They're the same length as the rest of her hair.

Nao, into the universe you go!

I have one more rooting project to do, and then I'm taking a loooong hiatus. I'm rerooting the new Pure Neemo Maya with ::gasp:: Azure Blue/Sky Blue mesh. For those who aren't familiar with her, she originally had short blond hair.

I'm styling her hair side-parted with straight across bangs, long and curly. A no-brainer hairstyle, but it'll probably use up a lot of hair! The blend reminds me of my beloved blue hydrangea.

In spite of her big face, Maya has quite a bit less scalp space than the Ex Cute girls. Maybe this won't take me forever after all! I'm pretty motivated to do this in spite of my torn fingers. I have a big thing for blue hair.