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Ria is Cute. ^_^

Thanks to Helene for posting all those links in DOA! ^o^

At first, I didn't think I liked Ria, because I saw a photo of her from the Dolls Party that looked kind of creepy. But now that I've seen a definite picture of her I think that what I saw was another old Rio! -_- They don't look that much alike. Ria appears to have a much smaller head (I read a report that said that all the new dolls have smallish heads) and her nose and mouth shape are completely different. I think Ria is pretty cute!.....But I think that she would look better with a different eye color, maybe gray? She looks like she has that new skin tone, and her skin looks a little ruddy for those purplish eyes. Oh well. I have a feeling that Volks will standardize Ria, because the anime-style heads seem to be popular in Japan and her face looks pretty unique. I admit that from the earlier pictures she can pass off as old Rio, but now that I've seen her up close, she looks like a completely different doll. I'm glad. I don't think Volks would have changed Rio's head mold if their customers hadn't had a problem with it. From what I heard, a lot of people who bought old Rio felt the need to sand down her face, cut her mouth, and do all sorts of drastic things to her.


Anyway, I do like Ria. Her face is pleasing to me, but I'd wait for a standard release before I tried to buy her.