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There's an odd, smoky scent to the air. At first, I thought that Dad was making some of that godawful Lapsang Souchong tea, but the neighbors are probably using their fireplace. Everyone has one on our street....except for us, of course! ;_;

That doll head I painted didn't sell. It's too bad....I really thought I had done a good job on it, but I guess that doesn't mean it would sell easily. It's a tough market. I'd better find another way to make some extra money!

I'm getting an itty-bitty NDR order in, which means I'll finally be able to do some serious work on the doll I'm making for Emilie in exchange for the Luc outfit I received from her MONTHS ago. I feel awful about taking so long, but I had no idea the SH-06 head was an endangered species! I asked Frank for two heads MONTHS ago, and Volks still hasn't sent him any. This sucks! I really like that head, too.....;_;...

There are quite a few dolls I need to paint and repaint, but I'm feeling kind of blah right now. I need someone to jumpstart my heart!

My hands are freezing! I put Miyako's black wig on Fuuka because I thought it looked cute. I can't wait till I can get her some real glass eyes. I have a light aqua pair on order from Tallina's, and I requested red-violet ones from Minako. And then there's the light orange pair...I guess that once those eyes come in, she'll be set for a while. I really do think she looks better with shorter hair.

I'm still wondering what the heck this New Version Amanda is. Does Volks think they screwed up on the old one?

Azone is releasing more outfits for their Fairies of Darkness series. I had been looking forward to some 1/6 scale Gothic Lolita dresses, but these are just plain creepy! I don't like any of the ones they've released so far. They're starting to remind me of the hideous gowns the Nice Jenny dolls used to come in. Ugh!


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Nov. 18th, 2002 07:49 pm (UTC)
Nov. 18th, 2002 07:51 pm (UTC)
Re: Hey.
^o ^ Heyo! ^o^
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