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Three-and-a-half and still biting.

We never did manage to stop Lucas from biting people.

Luckily, he's never taken his nipping to the next level and broken skin/exposed tendons on his victims. I think that we've been unable to make him quit chomping on people because 1.) he loves biting and 2.) If we scream at him for biting us he thinks we mean for him to bite lighter, not stop biting.

I've noticed that I'm the only one he bites every day, though. The more he bites me, the less he bites everyone else. I know he's nipped me before because I've annoyed him, but most of the time he's clearly doing it for fun. He grabs a random body part and bites and bunny kicks until he gets tired. I've shrieked (mostly for effect, because it doesn't hurt unless he bites my wrist or ankle) only to have him try to bite the same area later with less mouth pressure. Or sometimes he'll just lick the area instead. I guess he really thinks I'm a cat. I'm typically the person who plays with him the most, so maybe that's why he thinks he can use my body parts as chew toys?

It's kind of like when we scold him for trying to eat the Christmas tree (which we still haven't gotten around to taking down). He chews on a branch. We scold him. He moves onto another branch and chews that one. We scold him. He moves onto another branch. He licks an ornament. We scold him. He goes to lick a different ornament. We scold him. He gets annoyed and leaves the room. And so on...

I don't know if this is intelligence, lack of intelligence, or just plain willfulness on Lucas's part. He's thinking, "Okay, if they scream when I'm biting them it's because I bit too hard, not because they don't want me biting them. So next time, if I bite but not too hard, it'll be okay!

Maybe this really is an acceptable compromise?

Are you starting to realize how spoiled this cat is?

On the doll-rooting front, I've finished one side of the main part of Aya's head. I think the smell is starting to die down, thank God.