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A melancholy jewel.

Originally uploaded by Leenechan
Meet Aqua, my customized Fanny Fanny II Himeno!

This is another of Kristen's masterpieces, of course. XD She's been rerooted with Restoredoll saran in SeaGlow.

There's actually a somewhat interesting story behind this doll. Legend of Mana is one of my favorite video games of all time, and according to the Ultimania guide there was a Jumi named "Aqua" who was cut from the game. Apparently the Jumi of aquamarine was a Princess (Guardian in the US version) who became a Knight to protect a male Jumi who couldn't (or wouldn't?) fight. This partner of hers, a Jumi of sapphire whose name was Sappho(!) was a real bastard who treated her like a servant until she got her core stolen by the Jewel Thief. Then he felt bad. :: snickers::

The sapphire Jumi core that Basket Fish was keeping was Sappho's, by the way. They were supposed to be friends, and Sappho gave Basket Fish his core before the Jewel Thief could take it.

I have no idea what Aqua (nickname Marina) was supposed to look like. She was cut from the game, after all. It's too bad! She was supposed to be in her 20s, though, so she probably didn't look this young and innocent. It's a shame her story was taken out...the game was only 35 hours as it was...