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That's what it's been doing today. Raining.

It was fiendishly windy this afternoon, but the winds have thankfully started to die down. There are only two rooms in my house that aren't overshadowed by enormous trees (the spare bedroom facing north and the basement) so when we have windy days I get very, very nervous. I think it's the one year anniversary of the night that tree got blown into a utility pole one house down from us and caught on fire. I can still hear that zzzzz...BOOOOM! in my mind like it happened yesterday. I'm such a pussy. XD

I'm taking a day off from holiday knitting because it's been giving me bodily problems. Honestly, I don't know how obsessive knitters do it. I've only knitted one and a half scarves over the course of two weeks and my elbows and hands are killing me. I guess I'm just not built for that kind of life.

Since the weather was terrible and I hurt all over, I just loafed around the house all day drinking tea, playing ball with Lucas and plodding through the brilliant monstrosity that is Gormenghast. It is by far the hardest read I've encountered in my life, but when you move past the excruciatingly detailed descriptive passages and reach the scenes with human-to-human interaction that are always wonderful, it's a beautiful series.

I don't normally write this poorly. You've got to believe me! I'm still not great at putting my impressions into words!

I am also still playing Arcana. I've reached Chapter Four of Five and my notebook says I've clocked 7 hours of gameplay. So I'm assuming that the game is 10-15 hours long. I don't know what it is about that game that sucks me in. The Ice Mine was as maddening as I remembered. The English translation is so bad that most of the time I can't understand what the characters are saying. One of these days I'd like to play the Japanese version (Card Master) and figure out what the hell they're really talking about. Damn persistent guy! XD I'm not sure if I'm in love enough with the game to pay for EMS shipping, though. There are probably only about 20 lines of dialogue in the whole game.