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Not as cold...but still cold.

I'd never have thought 45 degrees would feel warm! We had our third snowfall of the season last night but we didn't sustain any accumulation. As much as I wanted to be able to take pretty pictures of our yard covered in snow and ice, as the primary shoveler in our household I'm grateful that we haven't had anything major yet. Not that I can't handle it. I've dug my way out of 25 inches of snow before. I can handle anything!

I finished one of my holiday scarves so far, and have knitted 19 inches on the second. Cables all around this time.

Blasted cat won't stop jumping on the desk. I've warned him that every time he jumps on the desk, I'm going to grope him. Fun for me as well as him, then. Lucas doesn't like being held much but he hates being ignored.

I've been meandering with my hobbies lately. Nothing's good enough for me, hahaha! I'm trying to unwind with some light gaming, so I'm replaying Arcana for the SNES. I'm not sure how well-regarded that RPG is, but I've always had a soft spot for it. Sure, it's a snack compared to most RPGs, and the setting is hardly original, but that soundtrack! Oh, what a soundtrack! I'm really curious as to how long the game is--unlike most modern RPGs, it doesn't have a game clock. So I'm logging my playing sessions in a notebook. XD I wouldn't be surprised if the game is about 10 hours long.

I have another rerooted Jenny doll to show off, but I'm going to hold off for a few days. Enough is enough, I know! It isn't the Juliana, anyway. I'll post her soon enough, you'll see.