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My Dream.

I had the most retarded dream last night. I dreamt I was Quatre from Gundam Wing, and I had been found by the other G-boys amnesiac and wandering around in the desert after some accident. They brought me to this big house that they all lived in together, and put me in a room on the top floor to rest; they were holding a party downstairs that night. -_-;;......That night, as the party went on, I wandered around like a zombie. I didn't remember who I was, but I knew there was something I had to do. So.....I sneaked past Duo, who was doing magic tricks in front of a group of girls, and picked up a set of keys from the kitchen table. Realization hit me, and I sneered. O_o I grabbed the keys and ran out the front door in my pajamas--those were the keys to Duo's motorcycle, and I remembered my mission! As soon as I put the keys in the ignition, I heard Duo scream "Shit! He's stealing my bike!" And off I went, laughing maniacally. "Now I remember!"I called to him and the others, who were tearing after me on foot. "I'm going to the warehouse to blow up your Gundams!" I had almost made it there when the bike hit a rock. I hit the pavement, and the other G-boys pounced on me and started beating the crap out of me. Then I woke up. The End.

For some reason, the whole experience seemed fun. Keep in mind that I can't stand Gundam Wing *_*! I have no idea why I dreamt about being Quatre, except that maybe I've read too much dire GW yaoi fanfiction in my spare time. Yeah.....there's my guilty pleasure! *_*

::runs off to have her head examined::

Now that I think of it, that dream reminds me of the episode of Zoids titled "Raven." Heh heh heh.....that show also sucks!


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Nov. 18th, 2002 07:58 pm (UTC)
No, I am not crying over Zoids being cancelled.
You know that the only reason why I watched that show was because I thought something good would happen to me if I did.
Nov. 18th, 2002 08:02 pm (UTC)
Re: No, I am not crying over Zoids being cancelled.

Heyo, why don't you come upstairs? 6_6 It's not cool for two people to talk to each other throo a computer when they're in the same house!
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