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Like a car stuck in the mud.

That's how writing makes me feel sometimes. I keep revving up the engine and the car won't budge. In the end, the page is half-covered with cross-outs.

Of course, if you only run the engine for a short time (like, if you only write one page at a time), you're never going to get out of that mud puddle. So now, I'm forcing myself to write five pages a day. At least then, I won't break my train of thought so easily.

I thought I'd inspire myself by switching from my standard black ink, stainless steel Parker Jotter to my blue ink, pink (Breast Cancer Awareness) Parker Jotter. To my horror, I discovered that my pink pen had exploded inside my writing bag--blue ink everywhere! I thought I could wash the ink out, but...you really can't save an exploded pen, even if it's supposed to be refillable. Damn it. That was my second favorite pen!

For my next rerooting project, I'm going to try and save my poor White Juliana, a doll with very pretty coloring and horrible, horrible hair. What is it with Juliana always having frizzed-out hair? So rather than completely alter her look, I'm rerooting her with a blend of Restoredoll Original Brunette and Cocoa. I think. I'll give her center-parted hair with no bangs (because Juliana, like any human being with a low forehead, looks lousy with bangs), and a braid-boil perm. In essence, she'll be a palette-swap of the customized Disco Juliana I did a long time ago. The one with the wavy purple hair. I think it will be a vast improvement. Her original hairstyle is in such bad shape that I can't even manage to sell her, poor dear!

I've been totally exhausted lately, probably because of my allergies. Either that or lack of sleep. Last night at one AM our house got power-hosed by a skunk again. That's a smell strong enough to keep you from a sound sleep!