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Just my favorite line from the awesome psycho-biddy Shelley Winters movie, Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? XD

I haven't seen that movie for a while, but I do have it on DVD. It cost only $6.99, double-billed with What's The Matter With Helen?. ::snickers::

I actually haven't done much movie watching lately, although I have been getting some doll-rooting done. And boy do my hands hurt! The only movie I watched recently was Last Orders, a 2001 movie about a group of old English guys (including Bob Hoskins and that guy with the weird eyebrows from Barbarella) on a road trip with Michael Caine's ashes in a plastic jug. Helen Mirren got some great reviews regarding that film, but I found it disjointed and kind of boring. I do have to say, though, that for a person like me who hasn't a romantic bone in her body, you can't get much more sweet and charming than a movie romance involving Bob Hoskins. I am not being sarcastic here!

Tonight I'll probably rewatch Die! Die! My Darling!, a gem of the psycho-biddy genre starring crazy old Tallulah Bankhead as a religious nut who imprisons Stefanie Powers in her home in order to "purify" her from her wicked, hedonistic ways. Pretty hilarious subject matter, considering Ms. Bankhead's reputation as "the most immoral woman who ever lived." XD I'll have to look away during the part when Stefanie Powers falls on the scissors, though. I just can't take that violence!