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Third Time's a Charm!

This is actually the third pie Kristen and I made together. The second was an apple pie that didn't turn out that well, so I didn't share.

Well, this one was different. Making a pie-crust from scratch is very difficult, but it's one of those cases where experience is the best teacher. I really should give Kristen all of the credit (she had to make the crust, whereas I pretty much worked as support staff, peeling apples and doing the egg wash, washing all the damn dishes etc) BUT! It was my idea to insist on using a metal pie plate this time around, so we didn't have to lower the oven temperature and risk underbaking the whole thing.

Anyway, some tricks we learned were : 1). make sure you don't have a full house when you're making the pie. 2). Keep putting the dough back in the refrigerator whenever it starts to get tacky. 3). Use Cortland apples for the filling if you can get your mitts on them. 4). Thin the egg-white wash with water to make it spread easier (and burn less!) 5). USE A METAL PIE PLATE. LEAVE THE PYREX FOR CREAM PIES THAT DON'T NEED TO GO IN THE OVEN AT 425 DEGREES! Pyrex is only oven-safe to 400 degrees, after all.

Look at that gorgeous browned bottom crust! I'd never thought I'd see the day!

I gave Kristen an A- this time for managing to get the bottom crust into the pie plate with only one small corner rip. In the end, I raised her grade to an A. The pie really did turn out that well. It tasted even better the second and third day. I'd have a hard time keeping myself from digging into it the first night, though.