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What a Headache!

I got stuck making dinner all by my lonesome tonight (don't ask what everyone else was doing!) and it was stressful. I made chicken parmesan, which was supposed to be an easy dish, but nothing seemed to go right. I timed it wrong so that the ziti was done too late, I had to use jarred tomato sauce and there was a caterpillar in the lid of one of the jars, I preheated the oven to 350 instead of 375 and the dish refused to heat up, I needed four knives and two of them were covered with peanut butter....=_=....at one point I kicked the dishwasher and swore up a blue streak, but no one came to help me. Eventually, I swore at Kristen some more and she gave me a little relief. Phew! Now I have a stomachache. I was starving by the time I was finished cooking, and I ate too quickly. Phooey. It's not the worst night I've ever had, but it was annoying. My beloved sister needs to give that Gameboy a rest ^____^;;....

I still need to sew the snaps on Miyako's dress. I'm feeling too lazy to do it now.

My official kanji count is 423. But who gives a crap, right? ^0^ I'd better review some grammar if I know what's good for me. It's just hard to get organized.

I'm still thinking about Michael, Mimi and Ken. I've been having dreams about SDs again, but I just bought Maya in January! Maybe next I'll sew a dress for Saffron next. And the next time I get in the mood to buy a video game or something stupid, I'll remind myself that there could be a Mimi in my future! Or a Ken! Or even a Michael!


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Apr. 30th, 2003 06:04 pm (UTC)
A catapillar!?! Ugh! That'd put me off tomato sauce for months. :P

My official kanji count is...um...one. I think. I'm pretty sure I could recognize 口. ^-^
Apr. 30th, 2003 08:33 pm (UTC)

That one's くち、く and こう. Right? ::laughs weakly::

It was one of those little clothing moth caterpillars, but it had all this sticky stuff around it. It was gross! I guess that jar of sauce had been there for a while, and a moth laid its egg near the lip of the lid. UGH! O_o

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