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Inside the Chocolate-Strawberry.

I wonder what's inside?
Originally uploaded by Leenechan
I hope my sloppy cutting hasn't diminished its beauty!

This chocolate sponge layer cake is iced with European strawberry buttercream. The filling is vanilla pastry cream and fresh strawberries.

We've been storing it in the refrigerator, and last night we made the mistake of not warming it up all the way at room temperature before serving. The cake isn't very sweet, and serving it cold really dulled the flavor. This afternoon I tried leaving my slice on the kitchen counter for a half hour being eating and it was quite nice!

I've probably eaten desserts that have tasted better, but none that were as pretty as this cake.



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Oct. 19th, 2010 02:38 am (UTC)
Yeah, it saddens me to say that the cake didn't taste as good as it looked...the frosting wasn't sweet enough, and the cake at the bottom was kind of soggy. My father absolutely loved it, though. I let him eat most of it. XD
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