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And Again the Mind Changes.....

I sewed Miyako this dress from James' Alice Dress pattern. It took me a few hours to make, but it was pretty easy. I guess she can consider this a late birthday present:

And yes, my mind has changed again. Not about wanting Ken or Michael....but after seeing that beyond gorgeous Shino SD I've decided that my next SD girl will be Mimi, not Nono 13. I know that doll has the SD 13 body, but I don't think I'd want (and I certainly wouldn't be able to afford)to do FCS just for the body. I would want to redo her face myself, anyway. If nothing else comes up, maybe I can go for her in January? For a variation off that look, I could give her a white curl wig and maybe neodymium (formerly neosium) eyes? I'm just brainstorming here, but I can't get that doll out of my head. ^__^ That's right, another one of those!

I can be so indecisive sometimes, it's infuriating. But that FC-13 Shino is soooo pretty! ^o^ Customizing a standard Mimi to look vaguely like that would be the most affordable thing to do. I have those neodymium eyes on order for Fuuka already, anyway 6_6.....

So, I'll present myself with a list. My top SD wishes of the moment are: 1.)Mini SD Ken 2.)SD Michael 3.)SD Mimi. Of course, getting Ken would be my first priority, because he would be the cheapest, and buying a mini SD boy might cool my desire for Michael. I don't know when he'll be available, but unless Frank has him on a preorder list I'm going to try to get him for my birthday in October.

I have a hard time seeing myself ever doing FCS. It's just not practical for me. From a creative standpoint (and oh, what a great and lofty word that is ^^;;....) I think that standard SDs are full of customizing potential. I know that not a lot of western customizers like the anime-style heads, but heck, I do ^_____^!

Then comes the question.....am I even up to this kind of thing? It's true that I painted Saffron, Miyako and Anise, and that I did customizing on Fuuka. But.....;_;....I still have to wonder if I'm even that competent at making up SDs.=_= Volks did such a great job on Maya's face paint. I don't have an airbrush, and I don't think I can ever live up to that! I'm uncomfortable with the way I paint eyebrows. Among other things.

Well, it's going to be a while before I have to worry about that! It's nice to have something to look forward to, even if the plans are sketchy at best. ^_^


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May. 1st, 2003 04:13 am (UTC)
=^____^=!! Mimi/F13 all the way! Not enough people like this head mold, I think, but it's ALL I want other than maybe a FCS F28 boy and Mika. =^^=;;; Of course, I wouldn't really want everyone to want the F13 head, because then mine wouldn't feel nearly as special. Volks' Shino and Claudia are both gorgeous dolls.

=^.^= Tell you what, you customize yours kind of like Shino, and I'll get a Claudia look-alike...hmm... Maybe if I plan REALLY far in the future, I'll get a Claudia and a Dark Angel...but which one? Darn it, I wish these were at least limited releases, not auctioned one-offs!
May. 2nd, 2003 08:59 pm (UTC)

Actually, I was thinking it would be neat to customize a Mimi to look like Gjinalu ^____^...that wouldn't be that hard to do, because Volks already sells a light purple waffle wig. And I do have light green eyes in 20mm on order for Fuuka (I ordered them waaaay before they stopped taking orders, so I should get them). Who knows when I'll be able to do that, but it's nice to dream ^_^!

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