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My Cat Is Desperate For Attention.

Lucas does this kind of thing a lot, but this time it really rattled me! O_o Tonight I was in the kitchen making curry for dinner when I heard this bloodcurdling shriek: "AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa! Ooh AH!"

If it weren't for the weird sound at the end, I would have thought a woman was being murdered next door. But no, it was my cat, sitting on the top of the bookshelf in my living room, bug-eyed, flippy-tailed and desperate for attention.

I threw a sparkly ball across the room and he galloped after it.

This is just his way. He always wants affection and attention but rather than approach people he prefers to stay where he is and scream at the top of his lungs until we give him what he wants. I spoiled him good, I did...;_;