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On the bright side....

The recent bout with severe weather has done wonders for my tomatoes. Cured them of their blossom-end rot, it did! The tomatoes are actually quite good this year--and I don't even like tomatoes. It's strange how things work out.

Gardening has been...so so lately. I haven't felt like going outdoors much. The daylilies have finished their blooming cycle, so the yard is looking kind of ragged lately. God bless the Butterfly Bush, which has been blooming since late May. Buddleia, you are an awesome, pest-free shrub.

Flowers in pots are big and healthy, but they probably won't be blooming for another two weeks. I'm interested in seeing what color bachelor's buttons I'm going to get. It's a mix, but I probably end up with all purple. =_=

The effing California poppies are making an ass out of me. They're all leaves and no flowers. I'm never going to be able to successfully grow poppies, am I?

I think that next year I'm going to screw most of the annuals and just invest in some permanent stuff for the borders. The cosmos that survived the groundhog onslaught aren't even doing that well. I planted the same seeds in pots and they're at least six inches taller. I guess I just have crappy soil. O__O

I didn't think I wanted to buy another video game in a long time, but I preordered the remake of Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon. Famitsu actually gave the game a decent score. They usually hate everything to do with ToP. If Tales of Fandom Vol.2 is anything indicative, Bamco still can think up funny scenarios with the ToP characters...maybe I shouldn't have done it, but I've been having a really bad month. I need some Klarth.

EDIT: Did I mention my furnace started puking smoke this morning? :D


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(Deleted comment)
Aug. 1st, 2010 12:57 am (UTC)
I remember that :). I've yet to play ToW2, but I enjoyed ToW3 a lot more than some of the games it was based off of!
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