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Endings and Beginnings....

I finally finished Chapter Four of my novel tonight. I think I can afford to call it a "novel" rather than a "story" at this point. It's 136 pages as of today. XD Sometimes I worry that I'm overwriting, but then I remember that Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell was over 800 pages long. I'm not aiming to write a monster book. I'm just coming to terms with the fact that I'm probably going to have to split the story into 3 or 4 books that are about 350 pages long. I'm trying to be concise, but I feel that I have a lot to tell.

I still haven't finished Anna Karenina. My God, I swear that book has been growing pages. At first I thought it was 850 pages, then I was sure it was 920 pages. Now I flip to the end and find out that it's actually 944 pages!! Come on! The titular heroine is out of the picture--the story is over! I don't need to read any more about Levin's spiritual struggle or agriculture in relationship to the Russian peasant. No disrespect to Tolstoy. Honestly, I think most of the book is great, but enough is enough now. I want to read something else...I still have 20 pages to go. =_=

I finished Atelier Totori a few days ago. Considering how much I disliked Rorona and the other recent entries in the series, I actually enjoyed Totori quite a bit. What a surprise! The game did have bugs (it froze on me in the first ten minutes of playing, but never again) I was thankfully able to complete the game without having to wait for a patch. With the aid of a half-completed Japanese FAQ, I managed to get the two-year extension and earn the Normal Ending. Not the perfect playthrough, but at least I didn't have to hang my head in shame!

I never thought I'd play a game with multiple endings without the help of a complete FAQ. I have an irrational fear of earning bad endings in video games! All's well that ends well, I guess. I'll probably play the game again in a couple of months. I hear the True Ending's nearly impossible to earn, but I still feel I have more juice to squeeze out of this plum...

So...my series ranking up until this point, out of the games I've played, is: Violate>Lilie>Totori>Elie>Marie>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rorona>Annie>Judie

My cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen. I never thought I'd see the day.


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Jul. 16th, 2010 03:04 pm (UTC)
If everyone thinks like that, I have no hope in hell of ever being able to sell a book myself! :O

I think that there are long books that read like short books, and long books that read like...long books. My ideal length for a book is about 350-450 pages. XD
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