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Weekend Update.

I had actually started to post an entry yesterday but never got around to finishing it. It was mostly me whining about raccoons emptying my birdfeeders into their stomachs on a nightly basis. Ah, the joys of communing with nature...

Thankfully...::knocks on wood:: the groundhog hasn't finished off all the cosmos in the front border. The sunflowers are officially toast, though, except for the plants in the pot. The groundhog might have been able to instant-kill one pot of bachelor's buttons, but I still have a strong and healthy specimen in a place where evil cannot harm it, ready to bloom in a few weeks. I set my potted flowers on two wrought-iron tables on our deck. I am eagerly awaiting their flowers. I've tried to place bets on which flower will bloom first, but I really have no idea. I'm guessing the cosmos. The sunflowers still have a lot more to grow, and the California poppies still don't have flower spikes.

Two of my potted tomatoes have the dreaded blossom end rot, a condition where the tomatoes rot from the bottom up before they have a chance to ripen. It's either caused by a calcium deficiency or drastic changes in the water level of the plants. I've tried watering the plants more frequently (twice a day, argh!) and mixing ground-up egg shells in the soil. I'll just have to see what happens.

Growing tomatoes is such a pain in the ass. I think it would be hilarious if none of them ripened this year.

I currently have too much basil. My jalapeno peppers are doing pretty well. The yellow rose bush is doing great--it's now double its original size, and that really surprised me! The sweethearts of the season have to be the raspberries, though. Picking them every morning is loads of fun, they're easy to grow and they taste 500 percent better than storebought. If anyone is interesting in growing raspberries on their property, I heartily recommend the cultivar "Caroline!"

I've been dragging my behind finishing Chapter Four of my novel. It's about 25 pages now, but I keep having to go back and tweak the prose. Sometimes I think the whole story--plot, characters and setting--is a complete drag. Sometimes I wish I wasn't writing a period piece, or fantasy--at times I think my prose is stilted and my characters are all obnoxious-- everything else out there seems more appealing and alive than what I'm writing. I guess that's just the way it goes, though...

Lucas has been doing fine. The heat's been getting to him, but he still finds time to make cute noises and act like a total freak. He's adopted the strange habit of throwing his mylar ball toy into either his litter box or his food dish at the end of each playing session. I'm not sure what he's thinking, there. At least he's enjoying himself!

I know I had vehemently stated that after being disappointed in Atelier Rorona I wanted nothing to do with Totori, but the influx of positive reviews from Japanese players piqued my interest. After having spent about a week playing the game, I have to say that in spite of its middling Famitsu score Totori is much, much better than Rorona. I actually prefer it to Elie as well. The game has a much freer and more broad format, the battle system is faster and the soundtrack is a lot better. The characters are still meh...for the most part...but they grow on you. I do think that Totori is less obnoxious than Rorona.

The game froze on me once. I'm enjoying the game a lot, so I hope I don't have to wait for a patch to finish it.


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(Deleted comment)
Jul. 12th, 2010 03:58 pm (UTC)
I've actually never played Harvest Moon before (though I'm familiar with the title). Is it any good?
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