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Everyone Deserves A Second Chance.

I spent yesterday evening transplanting all my little sproutlings to the front border. Now they seem to be growing up before my very eyes. If all goes well, I'll have nice hedges of dwarf sunflowers and cosmos by the beginning of August. Of all the bachelor's buttons I started indoors, only two survived.

I'm just remembering that the only year I actually received compliments from my neighbors about my front yard I had cosmos growing everywhere. Every other year, they just pass by like O__O...Our yard tends to get weedy and overgrown fast.

It seems that the bachelor's button seeds that didn't pop until after I transplanted the peat pots are doing much better. I had quite a few seeds left over, so I direct-sowed them in two areas and sowed more in a 12-inch pot I'm keeping outside near the front door. I'd like to think that no bird would have the cojones to eat the seeds right from under my nose. I guess you never know. As long as it stays hot and humid, they have a good fighting chance!

My basil is currently going nuts. I'm going to have to make pesto soon, or else the bugs are going to eat the leaves before I get a chance to use them. The tomato plants are tomato-ing. I know I can't expect to see ripe tomatoes for at least a month. Growing tomatoes is such a drag sometimes.

On the movie front, I've developed a taste for black-and-white films. I have such an aversion to gore and ultra-violence that it really is the only option for me, aside from watching children's movies (which can get old fast). Over the past few weeks I've watched some "four star" movies I recorded off Turner Classic Movies: Some Like It Hot, Laura, Goodbye Mr. Chips, and The Enchanted Cottage. My favorite of the lot was Some Like It Hot. I'm finding that I like the 1950's era movies best, because they don't abuse the maudlin soundtrack so much!

I also watched the 1940's version of The Yearling a few nights ago. I thought it was a good movie, but the red-neck patois was a little hard to follow, and as an animal lover the final scenes upset me quite a bit. I've always found Gregory Peck in his prime to be one of the most attractive men who ever lived, but his character really irritated me in that movie!

On the book front, I'm starting up Anna Karenina again. I'm somewhere around page 560. I've been enjoying the book a lot provided I read it in increments of 200 pages...


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Jun. 23rd, 2010 02:59 pm (UTC)
Sure! I'll add you back, too. :)
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