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76 degrees, and lots of Ants.

That pretty much sums up today.

I made a pitcher of iced oolong tea to combat the semi-heat, but it isn't cold enough to drink yet. Hurry up and chill!

I am very happy to see that Volks is (apparently) standardizing mini SD Ken! I had a little chat with Kristen (I always run purchases by her, heh heh) and we decided that if and when Frank puts the Ken kit on his preorder list, we are SO buying him! :D The price for the kit isn't that bad. I've always wanted a little boy, and I've seen some really cute customized Kens on Japanese sites. There's no reason why Frank wouldn't eventually get him, right? Hoo hoo hoo....

I updated my page with some micellaneous things. You can check it out here:


I found out that for photographing 1/6 scale dolls, newsprint makes better backgrounds and reflectors than the tracing paper suggested by some sources. I was able to take crisper photographs of Adrian and Shion, as well as the newcomers Suzuna and Lycee. I keep telling myself that it's good that I have such a mediocre digital camera, because I'm forced to learn photography techniques in order to keep my pictures from looking like crap. ^____^;;;

Kristen and I made chocolate mousse from a recipe in a great cookbook called The Best Recipe...or something like that. It's put out by the editors of Cook's Illustrated magazine. The mousse came out quite good, but it had raw egg whites and yolks in it, so.....I'll let you know if I contract salmonella. Ha ha :D!