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Poppies are popping out all over!

I'm happy to report that as of today, all of my sproutlings have germinated. :D I don't know what the heck I'm going to do with all these plants, but I suppose I'll think of something!

As for gardens and space, we have the blazing hot front walk border garden (mostly daylilies, asters, phlox and clematis), the slightly shady below-my-window garden (azaleas and Japanese irises and a massive Rose of Sharon), the full sun middle-of-the-front-yard garden (Haku-Ookan, the mock orange and red lupine), the often sunburned right-near-the-sidewalk-garden (big patch of periwinkle and the peony Monseiur Jules Elie), the kind of shady west-side-of-the-house garden (two tree peonies, mountain laurel, more daylilies and anemones), the very warm and sandy east-side-of-the-garage garden (some ugly pine shrub, peony Karl Rosenfield, yellow irises, bearded iris, strawberries that have no business being there, oregano that has no business being there, and a lovely patch of chives). We also have the gross, dark and weedy behind-the-garage garden (awe-inspiring blue hydrangea, nothing else) the little garden in front of the deck steps (white bleeding-heart, another clematis), the mostly sunny in-back-of-the-deck garden (white forsythia, peonies Bowl of Beauty, Paula Fay and Coral Supreme, some pink clematis) and the full shade and mostly wild behind-the-master-bedroom garden(foxglove, the best white anemone ever, lenten rose, hostas and a red bleeding heart. You can see how things can get out of hand fast! I'm hoping I can plant most of my annual sproutlings in the front border garden, even though it's looking mighty tall already. I want people to be able to see them from the road--it would draw attention away from our crappy little house! We have a south-facing house, so the front gardens get the most sun.

I had always known that there was a bird's nest in the Rose of Sharon blocking my bedroom window. Just today I peeked through the blinds to see a sparrow building it up with leaves. How cute! I don't think there are any eggs in there yet, but I'm going to have to avoid pruning the tree until the babies are out. I hope the mama sparrow decides to stay. The window in front of my computer desk would be like baby sparrow cam. XD

It's been raining all freaking weekend...I don't mind non-severe stuff so much but I'm worried about my potted herbs getting waterlogged. I had to empty them out last night.

I just watched "The Host," one of the worst episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation ever. It made me hate Dr. Crusher big time-- she had no problem with her parasitic lover residing in Riker and causing him damage to his health, but she couldn't deal with it being implanted in a woman? With only a few exceptions, I hate the episodes that focus on the female crew members. They're always painted out to be sex-starved nitwits willing to throw away all their principles for a roll in the hay with a guy with a mullet. I think the only exceptions are "Dark Page" and that episode where Troi has to pose as a Romulan.

It's no wonder I consider Data to be the finest of all characters. XD

I haven't been playing video games lately...on the book front, I've been reading Blindness by Jose Saramago. His prose is a little hard to follow, but so far the book is excellent.