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"Follow me if you dare!"

This is Princess Lien, wearing Secret Wonderland DS Miu's outfit (as well as her body).

I haven't felt much into dolls lately, but I still enjoy photographing them. Unfortunately, it's too sunny today to take a good picture. In front of that patch of columbine was one of the only shady spots in the yard.

Haku Ookan popped its first flower today. I thought it would be better to wait until more flowers opened before I took a picture, though. It promises to be quite monstrous this year.

I've noticed that all the flowers blooming in our front yard right now are purple. I like purple and all, but for spring flowers it's so common! I'd like to see more white or red. I guess it really depends on the flower. It's funny how a yellow daylily looks boring to me but a yellow peony or rose is gorgeous! If I were to pick my absolute favorite color for a flower, it would have to be the true blue of a hydrangea, morning glory or Himalayan poppy (not that I've ever seen one in real life). Sky blue flowers are special. My least favorite flower color is probably orange. I don't like orange in general, unless it's paired with blue.

We got some freshly-made ricotta cheese from an Italian deli in New Haven. I know it might sound gross, but one of my favorite sandwich fillings is ricotta that's flavored with a little honey, salt and freshly ground pepper, and high-quality preserves, preferably peach or cherry. XD

I'm picking up on writing again, now that I've been reunited with my beloved pink Parker Jotter. It had been missing for months. I had assumed I dropped it somewhere in my bedroom, but two weeks ago when we were moving furniture in our basement I found it beneath an ugly black vinyl chair. I'm never letting it out of my sight again.



May. 17th, 2010 01:22 pm (UTC)
If it helps your feel less lazy, I have not felt up to video games for a while now. The last ones I beat was a Disney NES rom, which does not take too much effort to beat. I was also well versed on the game, I used to rent it and even owned it back then. So I have only beaten roms that I'm familiar with than any thing than can challenge me, even at that not often