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Tree Peonies Are A-Blooming.

Sorry to everyone I owe a response to--I've been busy lately, and I'll get back to you shortly! It's hot and humid today. I normally dislike hot weather that accompanies spring and summer, but it's always fun to watch the flowers pop open. ^_^

Today, our Chinese peonies bloomed!

This one's called "Blue Butterfly." The flowers are huge--eight inches across!

This one's "Green On White Jade Tower." It hasn't bloomed true-to-form since the first year; it's supposed to be crown-shaped, but for some reason it's anemone-flowered! It's still pretty, though. I wonder if it was corrupted by "Blue Butterfly?"

There are a lot of plants that are supposed to be "easy care" that we have a hard time growing, like oriental poppies, beach roses and globe thistle. We do exceptionally well with peonies, anemones and...::gasp:: clematis. Clematis grows like a freak in our yard with little care at all, especially the huge-flowered kind. It think it has to do with the clay content in our soil.

On the gaming front, I am attempting to earn the true ending in Atelier Elie. The game doesn't have as much fun stuff as Lilie but I like the setting more. I prefer Elie over the other heroines, too, because she's so plain that you have to feel sorry for her! Her schoolmates treat her like crap, even the supposed nice guy Nordis. Even if you have max friendship points with him, if you score higher than him on the yearly contest he sulks in his room with the lights off until Elie's main rival comforts him!

I'm still annoyed by the downward turn the series has taken over the past three years. Still, there's so much to do in the four games I like that I'll probably never need to buy another Atelier game again. I wonder if I'll replay Violet any time soon?


May. 3rd, 2010 01:18 pm (UTC)
That is how I feel about most video games shown after 2000! I always feel I don't need to buy another one, since there are so many I like which came out years ago. I do buy some newer games, though. I found Valkyrie Profile 2 on $12, I don't have a desire to start that right away, but it is nice to know the choice is open! I don't recall when was the last good game I played, but Batman Returns SNES can be fun!
May. 3rd, 2010 08:32 pm (UTC)
I'm glad that there are so many good old games out there, because the newer ones just aren't impressing me. The only problem is when your favorites are PSX games--there isn't a lot of space on each memory card, and the cards themselves are so hard to find!
May. 5th, 2010 01:52 pm (UTC)
Or when you can't find them in stores because they only want to have next gen video games in stock! There are so many PSX ideas for me to play, yet I'm unable to have them unless the rare store that does carry older games cares about it! Those online shops makes me a bit jealous, but I can't order items until I get my own credit card, and that is way too far away
May. 5th, 2010 04:00 pm (UTC)
Play-Asia was my big source for old PSX games, until my credit card company decided that they were going to block most transactions made at foreign sites. Apparently, they had been involved in a lawsuit for charging high fees for foreign transactions, and their response was to make it really difficult for anyone to buy anything overseas anymore! Thanks a lot, Mastercard!

It seems that you need a credit card for everything. I liked it better when eBay at least gave buyers the option of sending checks or money orders for items.