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Rainity rain.....

Baahhh.....I hear that next week's going to be warmer. I don't like warm weather, but I guess that 73 degrees is no tragedy! What's wrong with me? ::screams::

The Doll and Hobby Shoppe, strangely enough, has the honey- gold curl wig in stock. It's an unexpected expense, but I'm sure it'll be pretty. My question is: who are we going to put it on?

I know, I haven't been posting much about dolls lately. It's not that I'm not interested in them! I ran out of clothing snaps, and I've been so busy trying to knit in my spare time that I haven't been able to mess around with the SDs. I have a nice callus on my left index finger. I've been trying to clean out some of my old doujinshi on eBay but I'm not expecting to get much money for them. Suikoden still seems to be fairly popular, but I don't know about Xenogears! The game was two years old when I started playing it, and that was..many moons ago.

I hooked up the old Super Nintendo last weekend and finally tried playing Rockman and Forte. That game is SO FREAKING HARD! It's better than Rockman 8 and has nice graphics and music for a Super Famicom game, but the difficulty is enough to make me cry for my mommy. I don't know how the hell anyone could play that game on a Gameboy Advance. I'm fortunate to have found a copy of the Super Famicom game, but geez....

I started messing around with Illusion of Gaia, because I've always loved those old twisted Enix RPGs! It's as fun as I remember, but I have to say that the music is awful! I think I could do better BGM with a potato chip can drum and a kazoo. My favorite part of the game is the Seaside Palace and Mu--the part with the vampires? The atmosphere is incredibly creepy...^____^;; It's strange to think that it's been 10 years since I last played that game. I tried Super Mario World as well, but, well.....that game has crappy play control. Mario skidded off one platform too many, and now I feel like flushing the cartridge down the toilet.

Nostalgia is such a sweet and eerie thing ^______^;;.....I'm not just talking about video games. It's true that I have a tendency to remember the past by associating it with video games, the books that I read and the food that I eat, but it's a lot easier to call up memories with cues that are within your reach then to, say, hop in a car and drive out to the ocean on a whim. Gawd, I have such a cheap life!

Flowers keep showing up in my dreams. I had a dream a few nights back that it was a hot summer day, there were strange tropical flowers growing all over the place and we had a wading pool in our backyard. I wonder if the summer would be easy to deal with if we had one of those inflatible wading pools? Too bad it takes a lot of work to keep the yard looking nice. We need to re-seed the lawn this year.

Mu....I think I need some exercise. Rock on!