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My Favorite of the Unpopular Girls.

Take cover, it's another dolly post!

As a long time Jenny collector, I'm aware that there are certain Friend dolls that are less than popular with the masses. Sherry, Sheena, Jane, Rosana and Lisa, to name a few. Some of them, in my opinion, completely deserve their poor reputations (like Lisa, my gawd). Others, I think, have been subject to a great deal of prejudice. Maybe I just think so because I like them.

Well, at least, I like this girl. My favorite of the unpopular dolls, as well as one of my favorites of all the Jenny Friends, is the often-maligned Mille Feuille.

Because, come on, she's cute, isn't she? She looks like grown-up Licca, doesn't she? :O What is so wrong about her? She has a spunky smile and she's side-glancing!

Oh well. I guess everyone has a right to their tastes. I just don't understand why so many Jenny collectors hate Mille Feuille. It seems she's becoming more popular in Japan, at least. And the Castle has been making cute versions of her.

All your Mille Feuilles are belong to me!



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Apr. 5th, 2010 01:04 pm (UTC)
There is nothing wrong with her? I may not be attracted to dolls, you can hate Rozen Maiden for making me think so, but yours look well. It is not the kind, you feel that are going to unsettle you to death, where as they are going to come alive at night and feast upon your soul!
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