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Collection Spotlight: Aya and Aya and Aya.

I didn't think I would do this again so early! I was originally intending on doing a Jenny post every Friday, but you have to strike while the iron's hot! When I have to drag out and post about single dolls, this isn't going to be so much fun. 6_6

Aya was the first Takara Jenny Friend I fell in love with. Compared to the other dolls she has such feminine, regular features. There are some absolutely gorgeous versions of Aya (the Totoco hakama version, the Licca Club 67 doll with the black hair and green eyes, the black-haired Takara-bako version), but because of her serious face, she sometimes ends up looking like someone's mother doing cosplay. As of 2010, I own three Ayas. These are their stories.

I bought this Licca-chan Castle Aya from Kanoko's website in 1999. I'm proud to say she hasn't aged a day! Her dark blue eyes are especially pretty. I had wondered if the Morticia Adams hair would be weird on her, but she actually looks very sweet and demure in person. I used to have another Castle Aya with robin's egg blue hair, but I ended up selling her after a year. She had the same face paint as this one!

This is the first Limited Edition Aya. She was the first Aya to catch my eye, but I didn't get her until well after the blue-haired doll. Kristen picked her up for me at Totoco when she was studying abroad. I think her coloring is gorgeous. Her hair is a little thin, but hey, nobody's perfect...

This is my most recent Aya. She's the Licca-chan Castle 2010 March Monthly Doll (well, one of them). She's order-made and only available through the first of April! Thankfully, she was much cheaper than the other dolls. ^_^ Her coloring looks quite freaky (and intriguing) on the website, but in person she is much more ordinary (and beautiful). Her auburn hair is extremely thick, and her purple eyes remind me of lilacs.

I like this Azone dress because it reminds me of Maya Amano's outfit in Persona 2. Minus the boob-hearts, of course. Let's positive thinking!